Revent Modular Deck Oven 649 Specifications
Revent Modular Deck Oven Standard Features:
Oven top with thick mineral wool insulation.
Stainless steel outside lining.
Top heat electric elements.
Bottom heat electric elements.
Oven chamber door with glass window. The doors pivot upwards
and inwards meaning that an open door will not limit the working
area in front of the oven.
Self contained steam generator (optional). Just connect the water!
Easy to operate instrumentation including baking timer, set temperature,
temperature read out, control for top, bottom and front
zone heating and steam control. Electronic optional.
Oven bottom with on/off switch.
Oven legs available in various heights.

Available in 2 or 3 Pans wide and up to 4 Decks High, with stone decks and steam as options.

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