Single Spiral Removable Bowl Mixer With dough capacities from 80 - 900 Kg (175 - 2000 Lbs.)

Standard Features:

Unique transmission by belts and parallel axis gearbox
Bowl drive by friction wheel with independent motor and gearbox
Independent Hydraulic system for head lifting and bowl locking / hooking
Two speed gearbox, with individual timers for each speed
Rotating central post in the bowl
Mixing tool and speed customizable for your application
Control panel fixed to the machine above floor
All parts in contact with dough in stainless steel


Partial or full stainless steel / washdown construction, Stainless steel feet to lift the mixer from the ground, Hoppers for yeast / salt dispensing placed on bowl cover, Customizable PLC controls, Temperature detector, CO2 injection to cool the dough, Bowl scraper, Dough energy detector

CE, ETL, ISO 9001 Compliant



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