The Comas Tartomatic 1000

TARTOMATIC-1000 is a new compact and fully automatic machine which contains in itself the same features of a traditional pie line but in a minimum space.
It is a very simple machine to use and can produce up to 1500 pcs/hr. in sizes ranging between 75 and 300 mm. due to the hydraulic operation of its blocking system.
Competitive price and quick product change-over are the other ingredients which make of the Tartomatic 1000 the ideal solution for your expanding business.    

TARTOMATIC-1000 is made up of:
- Hydraulic press with turntable having 4 positions.
- Automatic dispenser for foils or metal moulds.
- Blade cutting dough extruder.
- Automatic product ejector.

    The following options are available at request:
- Product take off conveyor.
- Filling depositor model DN.
- Rotary moulder for lattice tops or lids.
- Lid sheeting, cutting and crimping unit.